Skinners Taekwondo Academy LLC Files - 'Documents to Print'http://skinnerstaekwondo.cmasdirect.comList of documents the users can print7 Tenents 7 Tenets of Skinner's TaeKwonDo Academy.file/12849/7 TenentsAspects of Proficiency and explanations of mistakes and aspects of proficiency for all beltsfile/12860/Aspects of ProficiencyClass Times Times as of December 2012file/12865/Class TimesCub Curriculum Cubs Belt System and within each belt what they must be able to performfile/12868/Cub CurriculumEnglish to Korean Terms numbers and common terms used in TKD from English to Koreanfile/12886/English to Korean TermsForm - All Black Belt Forms and Steps of the patterns of Choong-Jang, Choong-Moo, Ge-Baek, Gwang-Gae, Po Eun, and Ul-Ji file/12888/Form - All Black Belt FormsForm - Chon-Ji, Steps and Diagram of Chon-Ji Pattern file/12872/Form - Chon-JiForm - Dan-Gun, Steps and Diagram of Dan-Gun Patternfile/12869/Form - Dan-GunForm - Do-San, Steps and Diagram of Do-San Patternfile/12873/Form - Do-SanForm - Hwa-Rang, Steps, and Diagram of Hwa-Rang Patternfile/12875/Form - Hwa-RangForm - Joong-Gun, Steps, and Diagram of Joong-Gun Patternfile/12855/Form - Joong-GunForm - Ki-Bon of Ki-Bon Formfile/12870/Form - Ki-BonForm - Toigye of Toigye formfile/12856/Form - ToigyeForm - Won-Hyo and Steps of Won-Hyo Patternfile/12874/Form - Won-HyoForm - Yul-Guk, Steps and Diagram of Yul-Guk Patternfile/12901/Form - Yul-GukSparing Rules Rules used at Skinner's TaeKwonDo Academyfile/12861/Sparing RulesWorkout Routine and afternoon workout routinefile/12885/Workout Routine